More Quilt Rack Information

The wonderful quilt rack  came from plans in the September 2012 edition of Wood Magazine.

Some of you asked how you might get such a lovely quilt rack for yourself.  Well, if you are as lucky as I and have a woodworker in your life, get your hands on the magazine or purchase the plans ( and talk them into making you one.

“>Issue 213, September 2012

“>Swinging-Arm Quilt Rack

(NOT ME–this is the promotional picture from the magazine.)

Or, you can borrow my wonderful father.  He said he could make a rack and ship it in the US for $130.  That seems more than reasonable for a solid oak, artisan piece.

Mine is approximately  52-inches tall and each of the four arms is approximately 27-inches long.  It is supported by 4 long screws, included, that MUST be installed into a wall stud.  Husband said it was not hard to do.  He used a screw gun and a wrench.

If you are interested, drop me a line and I’ll help with the arrangements.  I am probably biased, but this quilt rack is something any quilter would love.

20 thoughts on “More Quilt Rack Information

  1. I would be interested in a quilt rack made by your father…. Carol Greklek 15322 Sableton Crest Cypress TX 77429 I can do paypal or money order….Let me know when my number comes up, I’m sure there is a line already…. Thanks, Carol

  2. I would like one of the racks your father is making. Wish I had somebody who was a woodworker, but I don’t – so am thrilled that he is making this offer. Your dad will undoubtedly get a lot of business!


  3. Hi Deanna,
    I have a couple of questions about the racks – how much weight can it support? Is it just for lap quilts or can you put queen size quilts on them? I don’t have any smaller quilts and was curious about the weight issue. Thanks

    1. My father builds everything very substantial. You could probably hang a toddler on the quilt rack, or at least they could swing on the arms until you caught them. As the arms are only 28″ wide you will have to fold the quilt several times, but the weight won’t be a problem.

  4. This is a beautiful item! I would like to know if I might purchase one. I would like one unfinished so I can stain it to match our home.

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