Once More…

Happy birthday once more…

I am forty-four.


October 10th…a very good day. Nothing special planned.  I am about to leave for my morning walk.  Husband is cooking (YUM!).  I’ll have a little extra time with my children.  A busy day at school.  All blessings.

No matter how long your life is, it is still short.  Every day is a blessing. I don’t mind getting older too much.  Many, many people never have that chance.

Thank you for sharing my birthday with me.

26 thoughts on “Once More…

  1. happy birthday to you!!!!! you are a great inspiration to us all…thank your mother for us for raising such a wonderful daughter…have a great great day!!!!

  2. Happy birthday to you Deanna. We are twins but I was born 15years and 2 days before you. I completely forgot mine until I started getting phone calls from the family. Here’s to many more for the both of us.

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