Quick Update

No pictures, but a quick update.

My weekend sewing was seriously cut short by an unfortunate event Saturday morning.  A roaming dog got into our yard, tore the wire loose from the side of the run and…well…a lot of flying feathers and frantic action later, two chickens were dead, the police were involved and there was a big mess to clean up.

The owners of the dog feel terrible and have done all they could to be responsible for the situation.  We aren’t angry at them personally, but we are sad. It is just hard…

Wow!  Not the weekend we had planned.

But, I have worked along on the Fish Quilt a little.  The top is over half-finished and I expect some evening sewing time this week.  Hopefully…again, I will keep you posted.

18 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. We had about fifty chickens in MIssouri, our neighbors dog came and killed just about every one of them. Was so upsetting.

    Glad it was only two and that the people are being nice.

  2. I’m sorry you lost some chickens. I hope the rest are unscathed. It is good that the other people are taking responsibility, but it is hard to lose something you’ve invested yourself and your emotions in. Glad for the stitching, though!

  3. It is hard to loose a feathered friend. We share a home with a daughter and she has chickens, geese and ducks. The foxes and coyotes think it’s a smorgasbord, even though the birds are all fenced. My heart goes out to you, and saying that ‘dogs happen’ doesn’t help, does it.

  4. I’m so sorry about your chickens. It’s so hard to lose a pet (feathered or furred!) I’m glad the dog owners are being kind about it at least. It helps in hard times to deal with decent people.

  5. Oh I’m sorry to hear about the chickens. Even with the neighbors doing all they could to make it up to you it isn’t an easy thing to have to deal with.

  6. what a sad thing for you…..

    we live in what probably would be called the country, but are in the mojave desert in southern ca. we used to have sheep and goats. two dogs went on a rampage in our “neighborhood” and killed over 60 chickens at one place, a calf and 50+ chickens at another and then at ours all 6 of our sheep and 8 of our goats. i finally got one dog trapped in the barn but the other got away. such absolute carnage. i still miss the sheep and sometimes almost talk myself into getting more, but i could not do that heartbreak again.

  7. So sorry to hear about the loss of the chickens. Having lived out in the country where farmers had the right to shoot your dog if it was running their stock or killing their poultry or what not, we were always very careful to keep our dopey dog Max either inside or on a leash and under our direct control. Farmers’ stock is their livelihood and too often, people are too casual about letting their pets run loose. Hope this wasn’t too traumatic for the kids (or you!).

  8. Oh no — that’s never fun. My sister lives in an area where there tend to be a lot of roaming dogs. She’s had to face down a group with her .22 more than once. It’s costly — chickens become pets very quickly and it’s always hard to see them hurt/killed. I’m sorry for y’all. 🙂

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