Layout Options

While waiting (very patiently) for the fish quilt to come back, I decided to tackle a long-time project.  Last year I started a scrappy leader-ender of 4-patches.  When I would cut scrap I would set aside 2-1/2″ squares in pairs.  Two lights.  Two darks.

After a while, there were quite a few of them.  I stitched those little 4-patches until I was tired of it, then set them aside, waiting for the mood to strike.

Thursday night, it was time.

But, what to do with them?  I had never had a specific idea.  So, Sparkle Jane and I tried a few alternatives.


And this…

Hmmm…not that…

Close, but…..

Ah, here it is.  Sparkle said we should use a similar color flow to her Prom Night Quilt.  And she was right.  I think this will work nicely.

Sewing strips together this weekend. It should be a fairly generous twin quilt when finished.

8 thoughts on “Layout Options

  1. Rainbows and small squares – yep, sounds like Deanna! I like the way it’s looking. I also liked it with the red center and the blue/gray around that.

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