Fish Quilt Finished!


No fooling!

Front and back it is full of fishes.

I could not have done it without you.

Thanks to everyone who sent squares…

or larger pieces…

or prayers. Lots of prayers.

In all 51 people contributed fabric and labor to this project:  Arizona, Michigan, Florida, California, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, Illinois, Massachusetts  Tennessee, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Hawaii, Utah, Maryland, New York, Oregon, New Mexico, Nebraska, Colorado, Idaho, and international help from England, Canada and Israel.

It will be delivered accompanied by this card, all your loving notes and wrapped in this special pillowcase (Thanks, Karin).

That Fisher boy is a wonderful child and sure to love his fishy quilt.

30 thoughts on “Fish Quilt Finished!

  1. Glad to have been a part of this from the beginning. It was fun to open up the mailbox and see where the newest fabric addition was coming from. Many thanks to all you people out there who took time to care about one little fish in a sea of many who struggle with similar maladies! Our prayers are daily with him, and with you, for giving of yourselves so generously. Thanks- Husband and Uncle Bill

  2. What an awesome quilt, Deanna! I know this will help Fisher with everything he is going through! I don’t think anything brings more comfort to a person than a quilt made with love does! Hugs to you, Fisher, and his family! 🙂

  3. The green is a perfect color for the sashing. And I join the chorus who like the way you arranged by value. And a pieced back that is every bit as good looking as the front! WTG.

  4. how very neat for a neat little boy!!!! i know he will love it and treasure it..i like the way you sashed each block…such a beautiful quilt…all my prayers are with Fisher!!!!

  5. Deanna it was nice to be part of your fishie quilt and now it together
    it looks wonderful front and back I hope the little Man is feeling

  6. Deanna, you made a beautiful quilt there for Fisher. He will love it and I know he will get a lot of comfort from it. I too love the layout you did. I especially love the quilting, suits the quilt beautifully. Best wishes to Fisher from me.

  7. What a GLORIOUS design! That really showcases all the fabulous fabric, front AND back! I’m happy to have been part of the international effort and glad to see the stunning end result.

  8. You did a lovely job. I like how you accented it with the green borders. He is sure to love this. Thanks for sharing the finished quilt.

  9. What an incredibly beautful quilt! I love the setting. It’s almost like looking through windows at a garden in the sea. May your efforts to comfort Fisher bring you peace and may that marvelous quilt wrap Fisher in love without limits.

  10. Everyone is right – the perfect quilt for Fisher! Thanks for sharing the finished quilt. You did a great job on it. Hugs to you for creating this wonderful gift.

  11. So many different fish fabrics – I am sure the boy will have fun discovering all the different species and will love them all! A perfect quilt for the boy’s name and a great way to make this project.

  12. Oh, wow! Deanna, you certainly worked your magic on this one! I absolutely love the design and the back is as lovely as the front – 2 quilts in 1! I’m betting Fisher will treasure it for years! You rock!

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