My Four Cents Quilt Top

All those leader-ender four patches are finally a top.  You might remember that the layout was a challenge and Daughter and I auditioned several  candidates before we found something that worked just right.

Well, Daughter and I were again a team trying to take pictures of the finished  top.  The men were away, so it was just her and me…against the weather and the cats.

Too much help.

The wrong kind of help.

Oh, well, this is the top for now.  As I plan to quilt it myself, I should have a true finish soon and try again for better pictures.

With more help.

And fewer cats.

9 thoughts on “My Four Cents Quilt Top

  1. pretty !! pretty!! pretty!! i really do like that and i wish you much luck quilting it yourself..will have to try one of those mytself one of these days…the cats and the ‘toes’ add character to the pictures!!!!!!!!

  2. Very pretty! My eye keeps wanting to see a star in all those squares. =) Love using the last bit of scraps! I find cats of more help than dogs. =)

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