Closer To Christmas

October already…No, nearly November??!!  Christmas has a way of sneaking up on a person.  But, this year I am better prepared than ever, thanks to Darlene and her Christmas Through The Year challenge.

Make a Gift ( or 2) Every Month in 2012

While I haven’t quite made a gift every month, after taking inventory on Saturday I see that I am in pretty good shape.  I might even sleep between Thanksgiving and Christmas this time.

So, what do I have for this month?  Not much, but there are two more stockings for the Youth In Custody Christmas Stocking project.  (SEE Simple Speedy Stocking tutorial above) Our family does Christmas for about 25 young people each year.  Not much, just a stocking, a few toiletries, a book and a treat or two.  But, it is something and gives hope and love to some of “the least of these.”

7 thoughts on “Closer To Christmas

  1. i have a few things started but not completed so this is the ‘fire’ i need under me to finish them…thanks…love the stockings and think your In Custody Christmas Stocking project is great…will have to check into whether we have something like that around here…would be a good project to start…i have knit many hats and scarves for the local Coats for Kids and also several ‘helmets—to go under real helmets’ to send to our military…my brother in law is a mason and they send boxes and include one in each box..thanks for a reminder and yes tomorrow is NOV!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am no where as excited about Christmas this year as Miss ‘Patty Cake’ arriving. By the end of this month she will be here. More fabric arriving in the mail today for another quilt for her. I need to get started on the nappy bag, change mat and all the other baby bits and pieces. At this rate I will be rushing in the hospital door with it all just as they are leaving to bring her home.
    You put in a great effort with the Christmas Stocking project. 25 is a lot of stockings with goodies and necessities to do. Good on you!

  3. How wonderful that project is. Just to be remembered will means so much. My youth in custody is taken care of already, and the other son says he wants a Google Chrome computer/tablet/notebook thing, so I expect that will do it for me. And the shoebox. Oh, my gosh! I forgot I need to finish that! LOL

  4. You say The Youth in Custody Christmas Stocking Project is “not much”, but I work in Corrections, and I can tell you that this kind of gesture means a lot, even if the recipients don’t or won’t admit it. It’s not the content, but the knowledge that someone cares, and that they, the recipients, are worth the effort it took to make, fill and deliver the stockings. Many of them have heard too often that they aren’t worth anything, and believe it. BR

  5. Next year, I’m going to make sure I work on projects throughout the year so that I don’t end up in such a rush in the leadup to the holidays.

    Of course, I vow to do this every year and every year I forget, so take that with a grain of salt!

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