Chicken Castle

While much of the United States has been suffering under the effects of disastrous weather, we here Northern Utah have been enjoying an unfairly beautiful Indian Summer.

As the weather was so nice, my father took a break from other wood crafting projects (including those quilt racks) to make me a chicken coop.  No, “Chicken Castle,”  as my mother calls it. Husband suggests “Leghorn Lodge.”

Dad and Mom drove here from Colorado to deliver it, arriving late Thursday.  We had to get up very early and unload the components in the dark to have it assembled before school hours.

It is a wonder!

I love it.  It is made entirely from scraps and leftovers, lovingly and carefully crafted into a sturdy and attractive home for our chickens.

So many nice features…

Nesting boxes and a south facing window for light and passive solar heat.


properly screened, so they can have air conditioning in the warmer months.

A safe, cleated ramp.

And a custom door handle.

We will have a nicer run ready in the next few days, but  the chickens are content with exploring their new home. Mrs. Winners laid an egg this afternoon.  I guess that means they like it!

We will paint it soon, but in the meantime it is already beautiful to me. Thanks so my Mom and Dad for the build and the effort to make the trip.

11 thoughts on “Chicken Castle

  1. Great mansion.I really like the little ramp. My friend has several versions of chicken houses from grand that she can stand in to wee ones for just a few small birds. The one for the burmese jungle fowl is even heated.

  2. Beautiful, indeed. Very lucky chickens. Does your Dad make bird houses? I have been looking for some that are attractive that i could afford. My birds need a home.

  3. Wow! great work Dad. Let’s keep Mum and Husband happy and call it “Leghorn Lodge Castle”. Only, don’t tell that little red hen that maybe she is not a leghorn. Mrs Winners surely is a winner with this home.

  4. i love it….and i like Leghorn Lodge Castle…i think a sign is in order…your talented dad thought of everything…you are very lucky and as carol says—i see where you get your talent with scraps!!!!! may lots more eggs be in your future!!!!!

  5. You are so lucky to have such a talented and thoughtful dad! Make sure to let him know that he can build ME a house anyday!

  6. What a very sweet thing for your Dad to do! I’m not showing this to my chickens or they will put up a fuss about their living conditions! 🙂 Their abode really does need a remodel.

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