A Typical Sunday Morning

So, earlier this morning I was downstairs in my sewing room doing some mending and ironing.  Young Son walks into the room. “Mom, I do not wish to alarm you, but there is a mouse under the teapot.”

Just to give you some background information.  The teapot sits on my stove during the colder months of the year, so water can be easily prepared for hot chocolate and other warming beverage   So, there is a mouse in my stove.  Yuck! Naturally, by the time we all trooped our way to the kitchen, the mouse was gone.

While I try to live at peace with the earth and all of God’s creatures, there will be traps set tonight.

A restful  Sabbath to you all…

Yep, it is like this a lot around here.  Just taking life in stride…

7 thoughts on “A Typical Sunday Morning

  1. LOL! I’m with Regina — what a delivery!! Of course had it been *my* son making that same delivery, it would have meant he very much hoped I *was* alarmed!! Tis the season of mice … hope it’s a short one for y’all! 🙂

  2. Ugh, mice. Good luck catching them. Your son is too funny. LOL You must be on late schedule church. I didn’t go today. My cold is awful and I didn’t want to make everyone else sick, as well as having no energy for anything. I slept until 11 and plan to nap in a while. =)

  3. Well sweetie it could of been the smell of a dead mouse you were asked not to be” alarmed about.” I was informed of this while preparing to go to church.(in the shower)Eeeuwww .Also It’s in my soon to be craft sewing quilting room.Of course the mouse will not be found and its just chilly enough not to allow the door to be left open.

  4. Mice in the house: We live in the very rural Sierra foothills. Out here in the country mice are an endemic problem, especially as it gets colder, after all, they want a warm winter nest too! For some reason, they ended up in our bedroom, even though there is no food in here. We used to use the wooden snap type mouse traps, but they weren’t strong enough and we ended up catching mouse toes. Then it was clomp, scratch; clomp scratch across the floor. Husband let them outside. A lot of ‘lefty’ mice out there now! So we went to the plastic snap kind. Very effective, and no more “lefty’s” out there!

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