Mouse Update

Since Young Son’s matter-of-fact announcement Sunday morning (see a previous post), I have been determined to locate and remove the mouse (or *shudder* MICE) from my house.  While I don’t like to kill things, I will not share living space with those creatures.

(no graphic but satisfying picture here)

As of Thursday morning, we are down one mouse. I hope that is the whole problem.  Darn mouse!  It could have lived a long and happy life outside.

8 thoughts on “Mouse Update

  1. Not to throw a wet blanket on you …but my dad always told us “where there’s one…there’s a ton”. Congrats on the successful hunt…but if you can figure out where it got in, you might want to leave some mothballs in the area….just make sure kids and pets cannot access them. Discourages new residents. Good luck!!!

  2. I figure when I go outside, something bites me, I’m in their world. They come inside, they’re in mind, and they get what they get. =) I hope that’s your only one! I know you’d rather not be killing them.

  3. some things are meant to be outside..mice are some of the things..i would not hesitate to kill one or all…they spread disease..nobody would hesitate to kill a fly…

  4. I had to chase down and “mallotize” a couple of RATS that set up house under my couch! This was years ago, when I had parrots (food attracted the rats), and the house I lived in had numerous holes that I had to plug up. Awful!

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