Patterned Purple Pajama Pants

Sometimes, I get so caught up in quilting that other forms of sewing are neglected. Daughter’s pajamas were in a pitiful state. She has grown 6-8 inches in the past two years, but her mother did not make her new pajamas.  Because she hasn’t become much bigger around, they fit in the sense that she could get them on, but they were well above her ankles and badly worn.

(No picture here.  I don’t think she would appreciate it.)

So,  I set down and made her a new pair with some fabric on hand:  Patterned purple pajama pants.

Doesn’t she look…perfect?!

And, because one wasn’t enough, here are the aqua/chocolate pants, too.  Now she is officially ready for…well…anything!

5 thoughts on “Patterned Purple Pajama Pants

  1. Very cute! The aqua/brown pj pants are really stylin’! Do you have a pattern that you use, or do you just make ’em? I’ve been wanting to make some for Sawyer! 🙂

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