All Small Week Again Day 1: Washcloths

Welcome to All Small Week Again, where I create and share “small” projects and review tutorials from around the web.

With all the babies in our life lately, it was time for another batch of Baby Washcloths/Wipes. I have used Sew Much 2 Luv’s TUTORIAL before and really enjoyed it.

Just right for baby or anyone, really.  What about adult washcloths for removing makeup? And it uses up those little pieces of flannel, too.

Even with my schedule I can fit in 30 minutes to make a batch of four of these.  That  is really all the time it takes.  Being me, I just drew the corner curves freehand. They might not be perfect, but they do make quick, appreciated gifts.

Check back tomorrow for day 2 of All Small Week Again, and another small tutorial for you to enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “All Small Week Again Day 1: Washcloths

  1. I used all kinds of these when cloth diapering my kids. You can’t have too many of them. My favorite ones were made of velour. I just used a thermos of warm water kept by the change table, to wet them. These days, the kids like me to make them to use instead of kleenex. Great small project!

  2. I couldn’t tell if the rounded corners were perfect or not, and who checks that stuff anyway? How cute those are, and they can be customized to quilts and burp cloths for a wonderful set!

  3. i love them….what a great addition this will be to my usual baby shower gift—which is flannel burp cloths…always have a lot of little pieces left so will have to add these to my gift from now on..thanks for the idea….

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