All Small Week Again Day 2: Keychain Backpack

Welcome back to All Small Week Again, where I create and share “small” projects and review tutorials from around the web.

This TUTORIAL caught my eye some time ago.   All I had to do to get started was raid my “big pile of junk”:  laminated cotton scrap , some grosgrain ribbon, an old lanyard that Husband brought home from a trade show at some point, and an old zipper marked 50-cents on the tag.

Sorry for no “before” picture.  You will just have to imagine what a fine pile of junk it was.

And, here is the “after.”  The pattern is perfectly sized and the tutorial is easy to follow.  The sewing…well…a little fiddly (meaning precise and somewhat difficult). The finished backpack is less than 3-inches tall.

If you ignore the pucker on the right side, it turned out OK.  The difficulty with laminated cotton is that you can’t  pick out or pin unless you are very careful because the needle marks show. You could, of course, use other fabric, but I would not recommend something heavy, like denim.  My ribbon is wider than called for and doubled as the band on the front pocket.

If you have a tween girl in your life, or a young man on the go, this would be a great option.  It will hold a key, lip gloss, a little money, some tissue…all the essentials.  And, it’s CUTE!

Stop by again tomorrow for another All Small Week Again tutorial, this one a cozy option for chilly days.

PS–Full tutorial link here:

5 thoughts on “All Small Week Again Day 2: Keychain Backpack

  1. i am not one of those people who do well with precise and small but this might be something i wil try one of these days..i have no tweens on my list but do know a couple who would like them…

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