Refashion Passion: Skirt Update

My friend Brittany recently gave us a few  hand-me-down items.  Daughter immediately claimed a particular skirt.  “I love the fabric,” she said.  “You can do something with it.”


I agreed on the fabric, but some of the length had to go and I wanted a look better for a 12-year old girl.

Snip! Snip!

I cut it to the top of the slit in the back.  Almost too short,  but it would still hit her knees. The length cut off was turned into a ruffle and reattached.

This was her church outfit on a chilly Sunday last week.  Brittany recognized her old skirt and was glad it  had a new life where it would be loved.

Total time:  About 1 hour 15 minutes.  And we made it to church on time. Hey, service on a Sunday is good works, right?

15 thoughts on “Refashion Passion: Skirt Update

  1. She was right, I too love the fabric. But better still, I love what you did with the re-do. Miss Sparkle Jane looks so adorable in her new outfit.

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