New Tricks

On Saturday I learned a few new tricks.  The lovely members of a class I was teaching taught me quite a bit.  I hope they had a good time and learned a little something, too.

1. Soap slivers.  These things make great fabric markers.  Cheap.  Readily available.  Easy to clean off.  Fresh scent.


2. Drawer liners.  Great for keeping your portable machine in place.  Again, cheap, readily available….


Who knew? So many clever people in the world.  Always something new to learn.  One of the reasons I love quilting and sewing.

7 thoughts on “New Tricks

  1. I’m sure they learned plenty! The soap I knew about, and I should have known about the shelf liner, since we used it in the 5th wheel. I never thought about putting it under my machine, though!

  2. isn’t it wonderful to always be learning new tricks? knew both of those, but i just want something that will REALLY keep my foot pedal put! i have used the shelf liner, and the grippy white dotty stuff for footie jammies….nope, still slipping and sliding. i am on a vinyl floor….

  3. i’ve heard of the soap idea but not the shelf liner..just bought a roll of friend gave me a ‘pot holder’ that was lined in is to open lids on things that don’t want to open…so neat …..i like the idea of my machine sitting on the shelf liner……….lynne try lining a piece of carpet with the shelf liner and see if that doesn’t keep your foot pedal in place…i bought piece of carpet that had that type of stuff on it just to sit a foot pedal on…it works great..

  4. Something else you can use the rubber drawer liners for if you use an embroidery machine. Take a piece of the drawer liner and cut it to a piece a little larger than your hoop. Once you have that done, cut out the center of that almost to the edge of the inside of your hoop. When doing embroidery for slipper things like silks or others that might slide while embroidering on them, first hoop the rubberized liner, then your stabilizer and finally the item you are doing the embroidery on. No more sliding. It works great. I actually started using that almost all the time and not once have I had a problem with something sliding in my hoop ruining the item. yay.

  5. I use the drawer liners as a way to keep my foot pedal from wandering.

    On an unrelated note – Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville was soliciting ideas for what to do with her big bin of 2 1/2″ squares. It was full, so it was time to do a quilt. I suggested Film at Five and sent her the link to your tutorial. She sent me an email this morning and said she liked that pattern! High praise from Bonnie Hunter 😀

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