My Own Sew-in

Life gets busy.  Really, really, busy.

A few days ago I told Husband, “I may not sew again until June!”

He said it wouldn’t be that bad.

And, he’s right. While I am busy, I do have choices.

Tonight, I choose to sew.


1. Add binding to two quilts.  Yep, they are quilted and sitting in my room looking neglected. 

2. Baste 4-cents quilt for quilting.

3. Stockings.

Check back tomorrow to see how it went. Maybe you should join me?

6 thoughts on “My Own Sew-in

  1. yesterday I got the binding attached and all sewn on my little christmas tree quilt. now to make some presents to sit under the tree. Then work on the deisgn of the quilting for a wall hanging.

  2. i too chose to sew. i am a tester for an upcoming quilt and needed to get that going. life DOES get in the way. an emergency trip to the dentist one day resulted in a trip to the oral surgeon the next (yesterday) which resulted in an appt for this morning to have all 4 wisdom teeth extracted for my daughter…..wish i had some thing quilty ready to work on, but i have 2 pair of wool slippers needing finishing for christmas so those and two shawls will go with me–i am a fast knitter ;o)

  3. Good choice indeed. Life does get busy at times and will take over our free time. Schedule a hour (or two) of sewing time for yourself in your busy week and be a little selfish with that hour. It is yours. Now you realize that I am being selfish here? Without your sewing time, we don’t get to see your wonderful work or get beautiful quilt patterns that you share with us.

  4. i am one of those fortuante people or maybe some would say unfortunate–who can sew anytime i want to and i do a lot of it…but some days other things call and i do that then when i get back to my sewing it is great…yesterday i got one of my daughter’s table runners done except for the i have finished the other two..since they all are the same pattern and color i am making the binding on them the same so now will cut and sew on the binding to hand sew tonight…it is soooo much fun to finish something!!!!!!

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