My Big Pile Of Junk

The stockings need to be made for those babies. Really, they needed to be made a month ago, but that didn’t happen.



So, I am making them now. Along the way I needed sequins…and buttons…and…well, nothing to do but dig into the big pile of junk. At least that is what some people call it. It is really my “Resource Stash.”


Ok, spread out all over the floor like this, it really does look like a big pile of junk. But I did find the sequins (not in the dresser, but in a wrong place where I shoved them instead of putting them away). So, I am back on track and my big pile has been resorted and refiled in better order.

There is a good side to everything, even losing the sequins.

10 thoughts on “My Big Pile Of Junk

  1. i understand ‘resource stash’ very well…i have one —well to be truthful—lots of them…i love going thru them even when i don;t need anything..i am an organizer and i love organizing them…the stockings are darling..

  2. Love your attitude about “junk”–I feel the same way… and it does feel good to get it reorganized once in a while. The stockings are darling!!

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