Sewing Report

The really exciting news is that there IS some sewing to report. YAY ME!

Ok, it really isn’t much, but in a drought, even a few drops of rain are appreciated.

I did get the bindings attached to the quilts.

I did NOT get 4-cents basted. It was late. I would have needed to run the vacuum and the children were in bed. Maybe later today.

I did get a few stockings done for our Christmas charitable project. Three to be precise. Three more cut out and ready to go.

Hopefully a little more sewing soon and both my spirit and my things-to-do list will feel better. Really, I feel better already.

I think it was Will Rogers that said, “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.” Something similar might apply to fabric and sewing machines and people like me.

4 thoughts on “Sewing Report

  1. Ironing fabric will lower your blood pressure. It’s documented (in our family anyway). My mom is in her 90s and has Alzheimer’s disease. When she’d get agitated, my sister, who is a nurse, would have her sort fabric, then help her iron and fold it. Just for the heck of it she would take mom’s BP before and after. Sure enough, after some ironing, folding and fondling the fabric, mom’s BP would be lower.

  2. it sounds like you got a lot done…i have really been working here too being santa’s helper and i might be through in about 3 days…i hope…as far as finishing other projects that will have to wait til the first of the year..then i have several finishes to do..

    i love the will rogers saying as applied to quilting and fabric..and i think playing with fabric in any way lowers the bp, the day’s stress and does lots of good things for us Pat C….

    happy holidays everybody!!!!

  3. Yah for you indeed. I have finally finished cleaning my sewing room and now have room on the table to sew and space on the floor to be able to walk to the machine. Bring on my week at home over Xmas so I can sew. I feel better now.

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