Set Of Stockings

Those babies, the twins born in June, needed Christmas stockings.  What they really need is a Grandma D who makes stockings faster.  I hope that they will not be traumatized by stockings that nearly weren’t there in time for stuffing.


But, all is well now and they are done.  This pattern is a family tradition dating back to the birth of my husband.  All of the children and in-laws (and I) have one.  And now the “grands.”


Each is the-same-but-different.  They all have the name at  the top and a large tree.  All else is personalized.  It is harder with babies,  but these were fun to create.


While I typically work with fabric, embellished felt is fun, too.  See that kitty with her ball?


And that dinosaur?



Yep, this is why people need to have grandchildren.  All the things you learned nearly too late in life get a second chance.

6 thoughts on “Set Of Stockings

  1. how darling…that is what grandmas are for—making memories that mamas do not have time to do…going to my daughter’s for the holidays and we all have a stocking..added 2 more this year for the two who are much fun…love the trees and the train…

  2. We also have a family tradition stocking pattern. They are knitted, which I don’t know how to do. I thought about starting a new tradition by making new stockings for us but somehow it just wouldn’t be the same. Good things I have friends who knit!

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