Annual Christmas Charitable Project

You probably think I am obsessed with stockings, and maybe I am.  Our family does a charitable project every year to provide stocking for local youth in custody–children, ranging from 11-17 that will spend Christmas in jail.


They aren’t a lot–just a homemade stocking (wide variety of fabric) with some toiletries, treats and other small goodies.


But, for most of them, it is all they will receive.

Why do we do it?  Well, Christ, whose season this is, served “the least of these” and asked us to do this same. This is one way we try to be His hands in this world.

8 thoughts on “Annual Christmas Charitable Project

  1. That is so generous of your family. I’ve heard of a lot of charity giving, but that’s a new one. I never thought about “children” being in jail, but I suppose it happens. So sad.

  2. Our group does something similar for the local nursing homes. They too have many patients with no family or visitors. Hopefully this will bring them some holiday cheer.

  3. This really touched me. We’re involved in a ministry called River of Life, to help men getting out of jail to get back on the right track. My husband does a Bible study with them, and I make and sell purses to help support the ministry.

  4. I love this — the stocking and what are in it are useful and certainly appreciated I am sure — but the larger “thing” is the gesture itself. And I totally agree with caring for “the least of these.” I think people tend to forget this many times. These are “forgotten” kids and they have souls, and whatever else they may have suffered or done, they still hurt, feel emotion, especially loneliness. Thank you. (This is part of why I make quilts for Project Linus; some of their quilts go to kids in foster care, or have been touched by disaster).

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