A Finish

Well, I survived intensive week.  After all that cooking, which I will share more of, I was ready for a little sewing.  Two quilts have been sitting around waiting for binding and today the string quilt is finally a finish.


I really like Shar’s geometric quilting pattern.


With a little over two weeks off from school, I have big plans.  Some of it is family.  Some of it is housework.  Some of it is getting ready for the next term at school.  BUT, some of it is sewing.  There is a long list and I am planning on at least one hour a day of quality time with my machine and fabric.


This quilt is a gift for one of our bonus children.  I hope he enjoys it.



ps–It was made using my String Twist Quilt Tutorial located in the TUTORIALS tab above.  If you have scraps laying around, or a jelly roll without a purpose, give it a try.

5 thoughts on “A Finish

  1. It’s on my list. I do have some 2.5 strips that were sent to me – a LOT of them – so I hope to make some blocks, maybe after I finish the new one that’s on the floor in there. It’s four 100-square blocks, made from Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Trips Around the World. Someone sent me the four blocks, and I’m turning them into an AmHero quilt, but THEN … maybe this will be the next one! I really like the quilting and the blue, too.

  2. Love this string quilt! The quilting is interesting, and it amazes me that there are so many ways to make blocks with strings! Happy holidays!

  3. One of the members of our charity quilting group put a new twist on the String Twist quilt – instead of the white border she used other random scraps (all the same width and relative color value) as the border and it was really scrappy and cute.

  4. The quilt is beautiful. Your bonus son will certainly love it. Shar did a great job with the quilting. Do not tempt me at the moment to make this. I am hoping to get baby sewing done during my Xmas break. Miss Amaya is already 3 weeks old and I haven’t made a thing on my list except the quilts.

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