Three For Three

…but, don’t expect me to keep up this pace.

I have been on break three days and have three finished quilts to show for it.  But, this really might be my last finish.


It is a donation quilt made from a bag of flannel scraps given to me by a friend.  The design is spontaneous, guided by the scraps.  It isn’t glamorous, but it is sturdy and warm.

Finished size:  42″ x 55″.   A nice lap size.

The back is an interesting piece of unknown vintage and origin–maybe my mother gave it to me…I nearly made a skirt out of it several times, but I guess this is where it was meant to be.


Time to go stuff stockings and get to bed.  Tomorrow is a day full of people, but I might sneak a little sewing time in at some point…Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Three For Three

  1. I like it! You balanced out the patterns so nicely. It looks great, and will definitely keep someone warm! It’s a happy fall feeling. We’ll let you off the hook tomorrow – no need to finish a quilt. =)

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