Pincushion: A Quick Morning Project

Yesterday I was at the thrift store and found a pair of jeans (miracle) and a belt.  And, this cute little dish.


It came home with me (for 69-cents) to try out an idea.  I have seen similar projects at various times, but here is a description of how I made mine (minus pictures, because I was too focused on the idea to tend to details.  Naughty blogger.)

1. Cut a circle of fabric about 3 times the diameter of the bowl.  My bowl is about 4-1/2″ and the circle of fabric was about 11″, but a bigger piece of fabric would have been better.

2. Do a large, running stitch around the perimeter of the circle.  Use sturdy thread, you are going to gather it.

3. Stuff it REALLY full of fiberfil; use more than you think you need.

4. Pull your gathers tight and shape to fit the bowl.  It will be a puffy cushion.

5. Use one or more buttons to finish the top.  Run thread through at least twice and pull it tight to tuft the cushion.


6. Find a handy matching piece of trim.  I used crocheted lace. Hot glue it to the perimeter of the cushion.

7.  Settle the cushion into the bowl and hot glue in place.  Ta-dah!


The whole project took about an hour.  Christmas 2013, here I come!

14 thoughts on “Pincushion: A Quick Morning Project

  1. Fun and simple – I like that the dish gives it some weight so it won’t tip – that’s always a problem for me – I end up knocking my pincushion on the floor a lot.

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