Sometimes A Kick In The Pants Is Just What You Need

I was ready to sit on my rather-productive-while-on-break laurels. I even stated that I did not have another UFO close enough to finished to complete before the end of the year.

But, along comes Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts with her Final Countdown 2012, or, as I have called it, Three Days To A Better You (Kick In The Pants).  Day One Task:  Locate your UFO that’s closest to being done, and do something about it.


Drat!  There was that one UFO.  The one I was mad at.  The one I was ready to throw away and pretend it never existed except that I had put time into it and I really did like the fabric, and…OK, Shelly, I will work on it.

Silly, really, that I put it off this long.  I was out of a fabric that I wanted, and that was enough to shut me down.  But, with about 2-1/2 hours of work yesterday and today (Sunday) it is done. Late at night with not very good pictures, but done all the same.


Meet Quilted Jacket.  It is a UFO no more, but a wearable object.


Shelly’s Day Two Challenge is to pick a pile and do something about it.  Really?!  You must be reading my mind.  There IS a pile and it definitely needs something done about it.  But, that is for another day.  Like tomorrow.  In the meantime, I am going to bed.


PS–My original idea was to write a tutorial for the jacket, but when it came right down to it I wasn’t ready to take that many pictures.  I do have the instructions written out.  HINT:  Foundation pieced on a sweatshirt.

12 thoughts on “Sometimes A Kick In The Pants Is Just What You Need

  1. Wow – I bet you’ll sleep better now that it’s finished! And so cute! I have UFO sitting next to me, and I’m going to do something about it today.

  2. And darn cute! I love blue and yellow together. I have a whole little bin full of blue and yellow fat quarters that I keep pitching things into, thinking “someday…..” and I really should make a Someday Quilt out of it. That is a really great idea of building a jacket on a sweatshirt foundation.

  3. i really like it as i love blue and yellow together..i have never made a ‘wearable” quilt..don;t know if i want to venture into that but i have a ton of UFOs just waiting..and lots of that vacation time is over maybe i can get back to sewing and get some of it done..

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!!!!!

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