Piling and Unpiling

Shelly’s second challenge is

Clean up a pile.

Well, no trouble there.  I have plenty of piles!


This is the section I decided to work on.


This is what is leaving my house.  Somehow it looks larger than the original pile, but there are still things left.  It was only a little piece of a larger problem, but it still feels good to clean out a little.

What was in the pile?  Mostly good intentions, and we all know what road that paves. 🙂  It was a lot of things I might, possibly, in some remote contingency use some day.  Better for them to go to someone else where they are much more likely to have a useful future.

4 thoughts on “Piling and Unpiling

  1. That’s exactly what I was thinking – it looks like more in the bag than in the pile! Must be all the extra air from unstacking and refolding. =) Great idea. I was just thinking tonight that I need a week to organize my house. But if I had a week for that, I’d spend it sewing instead. =P

  2. i have so many ‘piles’ of things—started and just sorted by color that i really need to find someone to give to..i have many things started that i want to finish and i need to get at those..on a bright sunny day i will get at them…good for you….

  3. Yes, once you open a box or a bin, the air causes it to expand and become much larger — not sure how that works — probably some law of physics I’ll never understand. I did not pick such a large pile to attack. After moving, I have nothing BUT piles, so my choices were a bit overwhelming.

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