The Final Challenge

It is day 3 of the Final Countdown with Shelley of Prairie Moon Quilts.  Her challenge today was a tough one:

Pick a project to work on that is just for you.

What do I WANT to do?  Not, what SHOULD I do?  Not, what do I NEED to do? Oddly, I wasn’t sure.

So, I sorted first.  I got out all my unfinished projects (that is a post for another day, like tomorrow).  Nothing there really captured me.

Then I looked through some fabric piles, bundles of beauty set aside waiting for the right project.  A few of them were matched up with ideas by the end of the day, but there wasn’t one I wanted to do right now.

Until I remembered Dr. Seuss.  This was a little package of fat eighth yards that I won in a giveaway a while back.  Perfect for a bright baby quilt.  No, there is no prospective baby, but isn’t that the point?  Just because?!

So, while Husband was at work and Daughter and Young Son were at Number One Son’s house, I cut.


And sewed. Ta-dah, a top!


Now, that is my kind of challenge!

Happy New Year!

ps–The pattern is based on Take Five, but modified to use the fabric I had more efficiently.  Quick and fun, if a little busy. DT

8 thoughts on “The Final Challenge

  1. I like it, a baby will love it; more importantly, a baby will be able to SEE it! I have to make a baby quilt by May. I found out my former VT partner, who now lives in Wisconsin, is going to have her first baby. I’m trying to decide on a pattern.

  2. not the least bit too busy for a busy baby to look at and feel of and love…so pretty and dr seuss is one of my favorites…great job…

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