Unfinished Projects Inventory

Ah, January 1, 2013 and time to take inventory of the past year.

I started 2012 with 14 items on my unfinished project list.  Eight of those are now complete or at least finished tops.  In addition, six new major projects were added and finished as the year went along.  That means I did finish 14 projects and only carry over 6 from 2012.


1. Jewel Box Quilt Top Completed 3/10/2012
2. YCC Quilt
3. Six-Squared Quilt
4. Four Patch Leader-EnderFINISHED 12/28/2012
5. Husband Quilt
6. Harvest Sky #2 FINISHED 4/6/4012
7. Civil War Quiltalong FINISHED 4/14/2012
8. Oh My Stars Quiltalong
9. Vintage Quilts Throw FINISHED 1/3/2012
10. String Quilt FINISHED 12/22/2012 
11. Brother Quilt FINISHED 6/29/2012 
12. Quilted Jacket FINISHED 12/30/2012 
13. Ruby Quilt
14. Quasar “Something”
15. Fading Charms FINISHED 12/23/2012
16. Hundred Hugs x2 FINISHED 4/13/2012 
17. This and That FINISHED 6/10/2012 
18. Sherbet Quilt FINISHED 8/7/2012 
19. 100-Patch FINISHED 8/18/2012
20. Fish Quilt FINISHED 10/22/2012

And,  in the sidebar, a new list for 2013.

Here is the whole pile.


The funny thing is that two of the projects, the Oh My Stars Quiltalong and the Ruby Something aren’t really UFO’s.  They are Never Started Fabric Objects. (Does that make them a NSFO?)  Yes, lovely fabric just sitting in a box, waiting to be loved. I even have a pattern for the Oh My Stars, but haven’t started it.  Maybe, no definitely, this is the year!

5 thoughts on “Unfinished Projects Inventory

  1. Hmmm. I’m not seeing that list in the sidebar. I love all the finishes, though! You’ve done a great job of that this year. With thousands of little pieces!

  2. Such wonderful progress! Does this mean you’re only starting out 2013 with 7 projects? I need to shoot for that number next year. It’s too late for me for this year . . . I’m buried!

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