Goal Inventory

My goal for 2013 is PATIENCE–with myself, with others, with life.  We never know what is around the corner, but with patience we can get through whatever comes our way.  I won’t be able to sew as much this year because of working, but, maybe, with PATIENCE I can feel really good about what I do get done.

2012 has been a very good year for our family.  Also, for the goals I made then.  Quick review–

1. Finish that Jewel Box quilt if it is the only thing I get done.  Well, already it won’t be the only thing I get done, because I have another finish already.  But, it will get done. Really.

I ACED this one.  The quilt top is finished!  It will go to the quilter sometime this year and be a special quilt for that amazing daughter of mine. 

2. Handquilt a large quilt.  I know which quilt it will be.  I just need to get it on the frames and get to work.  In late February or early March.

Whoops!  Didn’t happen.  Isn’t going to happen this year.  Right now I have either six or seven finished tops waiting for quilting.  Checkbook-willing I will have them professionally quilted this year.  There are times and seasons in our lives and I have to accept that right now is NOT my handquilting season. 

3. Share a tutorial a month.  If I make this a priority I am hoping it will push my creativity.  But, I might be lazy for January and let the balaclava count since I did two in December.

Ah, so close!  In 2012 I posted 10 new tutorials (not counting the balaclava).  You might want to check out the TUTORIALS tab above to see them.  My favorite for the year?  I have no idea.  The success of Fading Charms and Film at Five has been very gratifying, but I don’t think I have a favorite. 

4. Love my fabric and not feel guilty for it.  I don’t have a small stash, but I don’t have a large stash either.  I guess it is just right for me.  And I really do love it.  What a feeling of satisfaction it is to just browse through and imagine beautiful things and then see them come to pass.  Bliss!

Loving fabric is something I can do.  Got that one down.  More of that this year, too, while I am busy being PATIENT. 


Thank you, dear readers, old and new, for being a part of WeddingDressBlue.  I love sharing my sewing and quilting adventures with you.  Happy New Year 2013!  Let’s have a great year together.

9 thoughts on “Goal Inventory

  1. Patience is a good one! My word for the year is really two – Let Go. Love your review. This year, I didn’t do one yet. Maybe I’ll get around to it. Maybe not. =)

  2. Thanks you for your thoughts and comments.

    Patience!! What is that.

    I also wish I had more time for my quilting. But a lot has to do what appears on one’s doorstep, and 2012 was not a good year. At least I have God 24/7 and He is not tired of listening to me.

    1. I should have a lot of time to sew, I love it. But retired life is too busy. DH and I stay so very “happy” busy. I wake each day to have a great day. Myna

  3. My favorite of your tutorials is String Twist, but I need to break out of my comfort zone and try something new like Film at Five.

  4. I alos chose Patience this year..with a disabled hubby who is also going deaf, and a 18 yr.old GD moving in for 5-6 months..I’m going to need lots, wrapped up in prayer.

  5. I think patience would be a wonderful theme for anyone to embrace. I really feel I need to be more patient with myself as well as others.
    Thanks for a wonderful year of inspiring posts and great tutorials. One of my top goals for 2013 is to finish the Fading Charms quilt I started from your tutorial.

  6. Patience is an excellent goal to have for the new year. One I should probably work on myself. Good luck to you!

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