Garage Sale Bright

Last summer I was visiting a few garage sales when this very bright fabric caught my eye.  There was quite a bit of it, about 2 yards, and they only wanted $1.  One dollar?  Perfect!

It is a little bright.  Well, maybe it is a lot bright, but it is also perfect for a new skirt for Daughter.


This was my weekend project.  Doesn’t she look terrific?  Even very bright fabric doesn’t look like too much when it is worn right.



And, most importantly, it matches her Christmas necklace.


That pleases her, which pleases me.  A nice way to start the new year.

Not the greatest pictures, but it is COLD here and the child decided to go out without her shoes on.  Where does she get that from?  It must be her father’s side of the family. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Garage Sale Bright

  1. It looks great Deanna. I have been making skirts out of my bright fabrics and they look great when worn with the right solids like your beautiful daughter has done.

  2. It’s so in line with fashion colors and prints these days. What a great deal. $1 and some work and it looks gorgeous with that white jacket and the shirt seems to match perfectly! I wondered if I imagined the snow in the background. LOL

  3. Beautiful skirt and the Christmas necklace is even more beautiful. I spied the snow also and thought about her with no shoes on. Though I was really wishing that snow was in my backyard and not yours. So, so hot here in Australia this summer.

  4. Love the price -and the skirt. When I was her age you couldn’t have paid me to wear skirts – but I think if I had had more like you make, I could have been persuaded!!!

  5. what a beautiful outfit and it is enhanced by the lovely model—shoes or not!!! going shoeless on even a cold wintry day is freedom!!!!! love the outfit, the cost and the necklace…thanks for showing us that..

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