Seuss Inspired

While the year is still quite new,

it is nice to finish a quilt or two.


When it was time to cut loose,

I decided to choose Dr. Seuss.


The quilt is simple

and quite small

But, I am glad to have finished it all.


ps–I bound the quilt while sitting on the bed watching husband tile my new bathroom shower stall.  Aren’t I spoiled?! (Bathroom pictures coming soon–my only regret now is that I have no “before” images.)

6 thoughts on “Seuss Inspired

  1. So cute, just waiting for a special little one to claim it.
    Bathroom pictures after? I want to see during. Mine, bless his heart doesn’t do jobs around the house. Only lawn mowing and car washing.
    He was certainly at the end of the line (or got out of the line) when ‘handy’ was being given out.

  2. i love the bright colors in your quilt and i think it is a perfect size…will be loved and carried around for years by the lucky owner…and i have a handyman grandson who did so much for me in 2 days over the holidays!!! my hubby hated doing anything like that but loved working with wood!!! go figure..can hardly wait to see your pictures of your new shower..

  3. Thanks for sharing. You made good use of every bit of it, didn’t you? I still have my scraps to make something smaller with. Your poem is very sweet, too. I am considering tiling my bathroom. I know how that works at my house. He will cut and I will tile. That’s okay, too.

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