Sparkle Jane Update. And, What I Do While I Wait.

So many of you have sent good wishes, prayers and kind remarks our way.  Please forgive me if I do not acknowledge each one personally.  The outpouring of caring has been humbling and even surprising.  Sometimes it takes events like this to make us realize how connected to people we are.

Sparkle Jane, that remarkable young woman, continues to recover very well.  She is napping right now after a morning that included a shower (blessed first shower after surgery) and some crocheting.  That was enough to wear her out. While she was in the shower, I changed the sheets on her bed, so she was able to put her clean self in a clean bed and rest.  It is amazing to consider that about 50 hours ago she was on a surgery table,  and they were working on her heart.  We are truly blessed.

While she was in her nearly-five-hour surgery on Thursday, I had to have something to do, so I crocheted a little myself:  potholders.  It is good to keep the hands busy when under stress.


This morning I decided to get a sewing project started.  No, nothing on my to-do list.  But, it is one that has been lurking for a while.  I’ll share more later, but here is a start.


Thank you again for your support.  I’ll keep you posted on Sparkle Jane’s progress (and my sewing progress, too).

PS–Potholder directions are in the TUTORIALS tab above.  The pictures are left-handed, but that works for me. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Sparkle Jane Update. And, What I Do While I Wait.

  1. Will send prayers for Sparkle Jane–am behind on email, so didn’t know about this. Wanted you to know lots of us love your very generous sharing of tutorials and great pictures… inspiring us to sew!!….thanks! Lynn

  2. Thanks so much for the update! I have been thinking of her, and told hubbie about it, as I had mentioned her to him before, when I learned she was doing farmer’s markets, which were always our favorite. She (and you and the rest of your family!) will remain in our thoughts…

  3. Glad to hear that your daughter is healing.

    I made some of those pot holders for my sister this year in the same colour of cotton. I hadn’t come across the pattern previously. Would like to make them large enough for toss pillows.

  4. thanks for letting us know how sparkle jane is getting along…glad to hear she is doing well..a positive attitude—not only hers but everybody around her—has helped i am sure..and lots of prayers…i know the feeling of that first shower and those clean sheets—so good…you take care of yourself too…

  5. So how’s the girl doing? Did she make it to school yesterday? Please let her know she was lifted up in Sunday School today, as well as the rest of the prayer team!

  6. I’m glad your Sparkle is recuperating well. My Cowboy just had heart surgery, too. You are so right — it’s nice to have something to keep your hands busy while you’re doing all that waiting!

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