How Many Blocks?

Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts has done it again!  She has a project called the 350 Blocks Project: 2013.


Read all about it over at Prairie Moon Quilts.  With a limited amount of sewing time, a block nearly every day sounds like a good way to keep sewing at least a little and being able to see that I am making progress.

I am joining in and will report on my progress from time to time.

The good news is that as of today, January 15, I am 16 blocks into 2013.  Hmm…that is sounding good to me.

You might want to consider joining up, too.  Shelly always makes these get-togethers fun.

3 thoughts on “How Many Blocks?

  1. i did visit at Shelley’s and find this a very tempting challenge. I didn’t signup as i don’t want to put pressure on myself, though it might help me finish the blocks for quilts for my niece and nephew that have been languishing….

    I have posted a contest on my blog yesterday, it’s for 4 quilt patterns. I do think that Sparkle Jane would enjoy them.

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