Twenty Small Stars

It all started with what I think was a set of fabric line samples–squares measuring about 4-1/4″.  I trimmed them to 4″.


Pulling from my stash of larger, uncut scraps, and some background fabric, they turned into stars.


Twenty stars to be exact. (Laid out on my trusty design bed.)


Add sashing and, ta-dah, you have a baby quilt.


I went back and forth on adding an outer border and settled on “no border.” (I would like to say it was a thoughtful design choice, but it might have been influenced by the realization that I didn’t have enough of that particular background fabric to put on a border and nothing else matched exactly.  But, we’ll just keep that between you and me.)


Just needs quilting to finish. Fun!

15 thoughts on “Twenty Small Stars

  1. I really love this and would like to copy! I guess you used HST’s for the points, right? Would you mind sharing sizes of pieces with me so I can make that quilt top please.

    Thank you!

    1. I used “fast flying geese” technique for the points.� You can find information on that technique HERE:� Because my center squares were 4″ to start, the large square was 4-3/4″, the small squares 2-7/8″.� The corner pieces were 2-1/4″.� My sashing was 7-1/2″ x 2-1/4″.� You can really make these any size, I chose this size to match the size of the fabric samples I started with.� � If you need more information, let me know.� Enjoy! � Deanna

  2. Great job! How do you think that design would look with matching centers and scrappy points? I have a bag full of DH’s old shirts, and I think you’ve just given me the inspiration to turn them into a quilt. Thanks!

    1. Matching centers and scrappy points sounds amazing–Particularly something as meaningful as the shirts.� I would love to see the finish. � Deanna

  3. I agree with “aprilsewingjournal”; my first thought was that you had also laid out sashing in blending colors…looked good; then I realized it was the quilt underneath. Both are nice. =) I like the scrappy stars. That star is one of my go to patterns.

  4. i really like that…i have a box full of 5″ (charm) squares that i’ve cut when i trimmed down scraps….that would be pretty to use them for…i like making the flying geese for the star points..a fun quilt to make and a lovely baby quilt..i don;t think it needs borders but i have an awful time NOT putting borders on quilts..

  5. A really cute quilt! As someone said before, I thought the sashing was a fabric with blended colors until I looked closer and discovered the star blocks were laying on another quilt. That gave me the idea of using scrappy squares of fabirc for the shashing. Great quilt, thanks for sharing.

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