FNSI Project

After consulting my 2012  2013 Works in Progress list (see sidebar), it is time to get back to work on the Six Squared quilt.  Just right for the FNSI.


Of course, before I could work on the quilt, I had to FIND my sewing room, which is also the laundry room and was buried in piles of to-be-folded, and to-be-ironed and even some to-be-washed.  (no pictures here–too personal and scary)  But, we do what we must.

Back to Six Squared. It is the closest to a finish of the UFO  quilts and  it is way past time…


I only got this far.  Layout and setting squares cut.

The odd thing is that this quilt has been on and off of my “design floor” so many times that I became used to a dark background and the white now looks glaring.

15 thoughts on “FNSI Project

  1. I think this is really stunning with the white background, but the black background would give it a more Amish look. I love what you’ve done with this.

  2. I love the way it looks as is, however you could play around with a dark boarder? Or What about dark fabric around each white square. Or, just try it against a neutral background? I’m sure you will come up with something fabulous as you always do.


  3. i am also working on this quilt—i call it my rainbow quilt and as i get time once in awhile i take it out and work on a few squares..i intend to put it together like a rainbow—no setting squares…like you i think the white is too much…but i can’t think of another color to put it together with unless you picked up a color in the squares…it will be beautiful however you decide..makes me want to get mine out and as soon as i finish the present project i just might do that..this is the year of the ‘finish’ for me..

  4. How cheerful that looks! The white is perfect – clean and crisp next to the colors. Black would be remarkable, too, but I’d leave it white. Are you quilting it or sending it out? If you are sending it out, a feathered circle in each white square, maybe in variegated primary colored thread, or changing thread colors from block to block would be pretty. If I had my machine again already, I’d do it for free just for how much fun it would be!

  5. HI Deanna, i’m visiting from FNSI linky… this is really lovely, i quite like the look of the white with the blocks, but indeed dark would show them off equally as well. good luck with finishing it soon!!

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