The Bathroom

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was finishing a quilt while watching Husband work away on the bathroom remodel.  Well, the bathroom is about 99% finished and I was able to shower in it this week.

So, here is part of the story.  We moved into this house approximately 10 years ago.  It had been vacant for two years and suffered damage both before and during the vacancy that made it understandable that it hadn’t sold.  We needed to move and were looking for a house and Husband came home one day and said, “I think I have found the house, and I think you are going to hate me.”

When I saw the place–ugly, filthy dirty, broken, smelly–I knew what he meant.  It was truly horrible, but as soon as I walked in, it felt like home.  I wasn’t happy, but I was home.

We have worked and worked on it through the years.  There are a few big things left, like the kitchen, and a few that are ready for updating, like the paint.  But, starting just before Christmas it was time for the bathroom.  It is a really long process, but I will try to sum up and let pictures do the talking.

No real “before” picture, but here are some “during” pictures:

Bath8 Bath2 Bath3 Bath5 Bath6 Bath7

And, the after:


It is a really small room and hard to get pictures of, but, trust me, it is beautiful!  It has a few minor paint touch ups, and the switch plate cover–stuff like that–but, overall, I am so pleased and excited I can hardly stand myself.

I am such a spoiled woman!

ps–In case you didn’t notice, the tile in the shower is leftover bits and pieces we gathered up over time.  They don’t match, exactly,  but they are artfully arranged.  I told Husband if anyone ever questions the shower just say, “A quilter lives here.”

21 thoughts on “The Bathroom

  1. I find it all very interesting. I am intrigued by the shower head or the lack of same(?) what’s up with that. If you say it is those little thinga sticking out of the wall, than I will need lots more info for a future shower project. Please and thanks. kayc

    1. Well, I didn’t notice in the picture until you mentioned it, but the pipe comes out of the wall above the tile. My husband is fairly tall (6’3″) and enjoys a shower he doesn’t have to stoop under. So, where you see the “little things” coming out of the wall, that is the basket hanging below the shower head. Good observation! You should be a building inspector. 🙂

  2. it is beautiful…i love the color and the shower is beautiful!!! i know you are going to enjoy it for many years to come..good job Husband!!!!!!

  3. I think it’s great! The tiles are very artsy, and that’s just how things are done today. When Paul and I carpeted our bedroom, the carpet I wanted didn’t have enough for the whole room. When I came home from school, he’d had the guy put a dark blue “border” around the entire piece in the middle. =) I know how these things work in quilter’s homes! Congratulations!

  4. perfect – it is lovely! We are also on the … I don’t know how many year… remodel plan. It’s sometimes frustrating – but oh so satisfying -and all ours!

  5. Wow! It looks great! We bought our current house under similar circumstances. I found the house on my own since it wasn’t possible for both of us to come out here house hunting. It was vacant and had been for about 5 years. When I walked in it was obvious why. When I called my husband to tell him about it I said, “It is the worst house on a very nice street. It has potential but will be a lot of work and the neighbors will love us because we are going to fix it up.” We bought it before he even got to see it! Almost 9 years later, it is still a work in progress, but it is home.

  6. “A quilter lives here”!!! ha ha I love it. Great job your husband has done. I see the building inspector has visited, now it is time for the workplace health and safety officer to visit (me). I see big feet with only socks on working with power tools. Just as well the reno is complete or the job site might’ve been shut down. Only joking! clever man and lucky lady.

  7. Husband did a wonderful job> a bathroom redo is on our list< but we"ve been putting it off as long as possible but after watching Holmes on Homes, we are leary of a contractor causing even more damage.

  8. I love the bathroom – and I commend you for taking on a house that needed a lot of TLC.

  9. You are fortunate to have such a crafty husband. He did a wonderful job. I have been wanting to retile our shower with a mosaic design, but that might be a little over-ambitious. We just have one bathroom, so we’d have to work quickly from start to finish. Maybe this summer…..

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