January Block Report

Ah, that Shelly is a slave driver!  She expects me to finish 350 blocks this year.

While it seems like a lot, January went surprisingly well.  My final count for the month:  28.

Not quite one a day, but close.

I finished 20 little star blocks for a baby quilt (still waiting to be quilted),


and, in the meantime, 7 leader-ender blocks,


and, Thursday night I took the plunge and made the first Oh My Stars block that has only been waiting for a year…more than that….Now there is no turning back.  The quilt will be made!


There is a definite “star” theme going on here.  The nice thing about the basic star is they look fancy but aren’t a crazy amount of work.  That is what I need right now.


With any luck, today won’t just be a day where groundhogs look for shadows, but my own shadow might cross the doorway of my sewing room and get a few blocks in to start the month of February off right. NOTE:  As Merrie kindly pointed out, it isn’t Groundhog Day today.  It is tomorrow. Silly me!  Time to go sew a little anyway.

9 thoughts on “January Block Report

  1. I hope you had some wonderful sewing time. Congratulations on your total for the month, and starting the stars. I think we only had to do 17 since the project started late. So you’re ahead!

  2. I like your Leader & enders blocks, great use of scraps. Well so far, I have made 60, Hills & Valleys blocks, for a new king size quilt, quilted 3 baby quilts, for Kids Quilts and 1 bound. Nex will be disappearing 9 patch quilts. Well “Happy Quilting ” everyone .

  3. I’ve just read your post on leader-enders and I think that using including them in your monthly total could be cheating!! 🙂
    On the other hand, you made them and my total for this year is nowhere near your total for just January, so yay you!

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