Young Son and Daughter attend a charter school with a wonderfully reasonable dress code.  Not exactly a uniform, but standards that keep the students looking like, well, students.

But, the repetition of clothing gets a little boring and Daughter “needed” a new skirt to add to her options.  After I found this TUTORIAL, I had the idea I needed.  Why use tutorials? Daughter doesn’t have a standard figure and tutorials are easier to sew with than patterns.  They are usually based on measurements rather than pieces of paper and naturally alter themselves.


That doesn’t mean they turn out perfect every time, though.  While she is pleased with this skirt, quickly photographed while hurrying out the door (and she still needed to get her shoes on, always the last thing on the list), the fit could be better, particularly in the back.


That’s OK though.  I made notes as I went along and will be able to try again next time she decides that she needs something new.  In the meantime, this will do.  And, I must admit, it does a mother’s heart good to hear a friend say, “That is a cute skirt” and her reply, “Thanks, my mom made it!”


9 thoughts on “Skirting

  1. This is really cute. And becuase of her lovely shape, the back looks fine.. I love it when they really like what we have done for them. And are not ashamed to tell others. Makes it all feel so worth the while and wonderful. Very nice job.

  2. it is a lovely skirt. Skirts were one of my fav clothing items to make, as they most often fit. Perhaps a little top stitching of the pleats for the first 2 1/2 to 3 inches would help them sit better.

    1. That is Sparkle Jane in the picture. Really, I would make her a thousand skirts right now, because it is such a relief to have her with us and healthy. Deanna

  3. I agree does your heart good to hear the friends say cool outfit. Then to hear our daughters say Thanks my Mom made it !

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