Not Our Standard Sunday

Our family tries hard to keep the Sabbath day holy.  We attend church, serve our neighbors, write in journals and have family planning meetings.  Occasionally, we nap.  We do not watch television. It is the day of rest, after all.

But, there are exceptions to that general rule.  Twice a year our church services are broadcast worldwide in an event called General Conference. We turn on the television for that.  Also, my husband is a huge fan of the University of Georgia football team.  Occasionally they play on Sunday.  We turn on the television for that.

And, the Super Bowl is held once a year.  We don’t watch every year, but this year Young Son’s birthday is on Tuesday, and he thought it would be fun to have a few people over, watch the game and eat party food.  Since a person doesn’t turn 15 very often, we agreed.

So, after church we got serious about the party food.  There were hot wings, twice baked potatoes, fruit and vegetable trays, stuffed jalapeno peppers and more.  Great food for fun times. I should have got out the camera sooner, but all I got freshly prepared was the potatoes.  The rest disappeared too fast.


By the second half of the game I was ready to stop eating and sneak a little sewing time into all the togetherness.  Football makes me nervous, and I get more so if I watch closely, so instead I worked on a quilt.  Big reveal coming soon!


Standard or not, it was a fun family day.  Since I didn’t care who won, the game was fun, too.  And, a little quilting time thrown in on top.  Perfect!

9 thoughts on “Not Our Standard Sunday

  1. I can never sit through a football game, but quilting along with it might be a possibility.

  2. I love family days together. Yesterday I did some applique and then worked on my sister’s mitts while hubby was working on a solar panel project. Meals together and lots of conversation.

  3. Hi There!!!
    My son is 14.5, thanks for the great party food idea!!!!
    I didn’t care who won the game either, so managed to get a bunch of hexies basted!

  4. That football game was broadcast here in Australia also…what’s with that?. I don’t watch it and I didn’t think that Ausies followed it but I think there are Ausies that play for national teams in the US.
    A big happy birthday to your Son. I see he had a very special day.
    The small teaser looks interesting. Can’t wait for the big reveal.

  5. Looks like a fun, yummy day. I usually don’t watch the Superbowl, but Randy Moss was playing! He grew up about an hour from my family. We watched him play through high school and college (Marshall, where I attended) and now the big time.
    and Happy Birthday YS!

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