8 thoughts on “Rules Of Quilting

  1. Rule #4. Repeat this one in large print. Ever listen to the ‘talk’ at a quilt show, and you’ll know that some people do appoint them selvs as quilt police.

    I abide by rule #3. Pattern variation also works.

  2. I like the first rule…..and you know that your own saliva will lift that bloody spot (unless you cut yourself with a rotary cutter!;) )

  3. i love it!!! i am going to print it for my friend’s quilt shop!!!! i like #5…we are all individuals and that is what is so great about being a quilter…there are no wrong ways of doing anything..it can all be explained away with ” that is my way of doing it!”

  4. I believe there really truly are Quilt Police. I have gotten many comments from them in person and in emails from my blog. I always ask them where their badge is – and when they say “what?” I ask if they are the quilt police.

    #3 – I end up with a lot of creativity in my quilting

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