Her Great-grandmother Would Be Pleased

About 50 years ago my Grandmother, Carmen, made my mother a dress.  She was a very good seamstress and sewed and sewed a princess wardrobe for her only daughter.


Mom kept a few of the most special things and a while back dug this dress out.  It needed a zipper and a little TLC, but the craftsmanship and care in construction was evident. Also evident was that, while Daughter is taller than mom, she is a similar build.  Maybe the dress would fit.


So, I replaced the zipper, using Carmen’s machine, for luck.


Then, today it was time for a serious soak in hot water and Oxyclean.  You could tell the fabric had yellowed over time by looking at it, but the appearance of the water is always a slightly gross shock.

A short delicate wash and dry cycle and some ironing later it was time for the big test: would it fit?


You be the judge!


Daughter was so pleased with it, she did a little dance…


and set down to sew for a while.  Yep, her Great-grandmother would be very pleased, indeed!

26 thoughts on “Her Great-grandmother Would Be Pleased

  1. What a special project. Love it. I also have a couple very dressy satin dresses that were my grandmothers – tucked away in my cedar chest. So special to me

  2. What a beautiful young lady! Her great-grandmother would be proud for so very many reasons! I am glad to see her looking so healthy and well!

  3. Great-Grandmother would be extremely pleased — perfect fit. The neckline gives your daughter a wonderfully-elegant ‘young-lady’ style that reminds me of a young Grace Kelly or a blonde Audrey Hepburn [you’ll have to translate for her 😉 ]. Wonderful restoration, Mom!

  4. Deanna, I really enjoy your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with us, and sharing a glimpse into your life. This is a beautiful story – I’m so glad the dress fit Sparkle Jane! xoxo

  5. Oh my Miss Sparkle Jane looks beautiful. That is a beautiful dress and fits like it was made for her. Carmen would be so happy if she knew that dress was being used by another generation of hers. Bless your Mum for hanging onto such a special dress.

  6. Yes indeed, it looks like it was made for her. How lucky she is to have that tie to her great-grandmother. And the sewing machine as well – what a treasure.

  7. what a beautiful dress on a beautiful model…and what a wonderful heirloom of the past..i hope she enjoys it in good health for a long time…

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