Disappointing But Not Unexpected

Lace dresses are all the rage right now.  Daughter has been longing for one…and I had some sheet lace in my big pile of junk.


But it is white lace and the dresses she dreams of are colored.


Having heard of dyeing, I decided it was worth a try.  I hoped the lace was nylon, which takes dye better than polyester.


It looked hopeful in the dye bucket.


But, after rinsing, it faded to a sort of taupe color, not white, but not at all the rich chocolate brown we were hoping for.


So, now what do I do?  Here are a few possibilities for lining….It might still be worth a try…Drat!  It is disappointing, even though I sort of figured it would happen, it still isn’t what I wanted…The lighter fabric has a beautiful shimmer to it, but it would be very sophisticated for a 12-year old…On the other hand, it might have a Victorian look that could be very appealing….Can you tell that what I REALLY wish is for chocolate brown lace?

9 thoughts on “Disappointing But Not Unexpected

  1. Acid dyes, maybe? Dharma Trading is worth a look. Check the instructions tab, and scroll down a bit, not getting discouraged by talk about fixatives. Go down to the numbered instructions and read that part. Check out their Jacquard dyes for nylon also. One of our young women had the cutest slim skirt on. It had an underskirt and then three tiers of lace – not gathered just sewn on straight. It was lovely. Stacey and I bought thought, “Temple dress!” =)

  2. What a shame it didn’t work out for you. I have no suggestions to remedy the no show chocolate brown. Just go for the romantic victorian look.

  3. i’m sorry it didn;t work..i really do like the taupe with the chocolate underlayment..but like you i love the chocolate brown color..i hope you can find a way to do it..

  4. Too bad the dying didn’t work out, the chocolate colored lace would have been gorgeous. I think lining it might be a good idea, if you wanted to make it a little less Victorian you could try a bright fabric underneath like a bright pink. I wish I could give you some tips on dying though, that would really solve the problem for you 🙂

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