Sewing Slime To Cobwebs

The Frankenstein dress is taking a toll on my nerves.


All you garment sewers out there, you have my respect.  The beautiful, shiny, multi-weight fabrics that make up clothing are tricky-tricky.


Truly, last night I felt I was trying to stitch slime (the shiny fabric) to cobwebs (the lace).  I prewashed.  I measured (many times). Sparkle Jane  tried on bits and pieces (several times).  Please, let it fit!


The “will it fit” question is a big reason I often remodel rather than build from scratch.  I am sure in some way this process is good for me….

5 thoughts on “Sewing Slime To Cobwebs

  1. I don’t “do” clothing projects….but looking from a quilting perspective….I wonder if fusing the lace (like an applique) to the fabric would work?

  2. Probably the most colorful way I’ve ever heard it put, though my dad had some choice words when stitching a chiffon formal for me in high school. =) I’m sure it will be beautiful and fit.

  3. you will appreciate it more when it’s done…and learn from the experience i’m will be beautiful..i love the colors …they look so elegant..

  4. why some of us stick to cotton -however, i would much rather start from scratch with a pattern than alter a ready made ANY DAY OF THE WEEK 🙂

    the dress is looking FANTASTIC! can’t wait to see it finished . . .

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