Frankenstein Taking Shape

It is always a worry to take pieces of three different patterns and hope the whole thing fits together in the end, but the Frankenstein dress is taking shape. The zipper is in–the biggest hurtle.  As Sparkle Jane has a very small waist, the fit there isn’t quite form-fitting, but a sash will go a long way towards fixing that.


Today is a holiday from school (President’s Day) so there is a good possibility it will be finished.  Update coming as soon as there is something to share.

Thanks for all your kind comments and encouragement.  This would be much harder without sympathy from friends.

5 thoughts on “Frankenstein Taking Shape

  1. That’s looking good! I can hardly wait to see it finished and modeled. I totally forgot about President’s Day. That’s what happens when every day is a holiday. =)

  2. it is lovely..the color is so elegant…i know it will fit perfectly…maybe the sash will be the chocolate brown you wanted the lace to it for a special occasion?? looks like a party dress to me..can hardly wait to see it finished and modeled…

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