We Can’t Call It Frankenstein Any More

The dress-that-used-to-be-called-Frankenstein is finished.  And, I can’t call it Frankenstein any more.


Now we just call it “the lace dress.”  Who would have guessed all those pieces-parts would come together like this? And so cheaply–everything came from my big pile of junk except the dye and zipper for a grand total cost of $2.66! 


Daughter, the memorable Sparkle Jane, looks and feels great in this dress.  She didn’t want to take it off, and wished there was some sort of party or occasion worthy of the dress TODAY.


We added the pin and sash to make it  not quite so grown up.  She is only going-on-13, after all.


The vacuuming, laundry, mirrors and more need attention, but it still feels like a successful weekend.  Yay for a new dress! (Oh, and the sewing room needs a good cleaning, too. Creativity is messy!)

UPDATE:  I’m linking up to the FaveCrafts blog hop.

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28 thoughts on “We Can’t Call It Frankenstein Any More

  1. the pin and sash MAKE the dress i think. i love your creativity, boldness and perseverance! all totally worth it in my book! thanks for sharing your process with us.

  2. It’s lovely! And I don’t think it looks too grown up, even without the pin and bow. Love the pin, though. That’s a great price for a beautiful new dress!

  3. The dress looks really pretty! Love the pin and sash!

    I meant to mention earliler that I noticed dresses at Costo in the girls’ section. There were some (fuller skirts) nearly like this dress in color! So, I think it is IN!

  4. The dress is great! Sparkle Jane should be proud! I took clothing construction in school umpteen years ago, but the only sewing I do now is piecing quilt tops. Maybe one day I’ll try sewing a skirt or dress, you have inspired me.

  5. it is beautiful!!!! i knew it would turn out great..love the pin—very original—and the sash…and a beautiful model…now for an occasion to wear it!!!!!

  6. gorgeous -doesn’t look a bit like Frankenstein 🙂

    I know you feel GREAT! what an accomplishment -dress (from a few patterns), FINISHED and looking FINE.

  7. WOW!! congratulations, just stunning. Miss Sparkle Jane looks beautiful. I love the added sash and pin. I can’t believe that stunning one of a kind designer dress cost just $2.66. I do hope you find somewhere special to take her so she can wear it.

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