Finished Film At Five

Thanks to Norece, the Film at Five quilt is finished. She very kindly quilted it for me with the perfect overall spiral pattern. It offsets the geometric feel of the piecing quite nicely.


The binding is a sort of mustard yellow and the back is a large piece I had on hand.  Stash makes it just right (or at least we’ll pretend that’s true).


It has been washed twice already because it suffered an accident. Somehow, as it was dragged around the house, it was stained with what appears to be chalk line dust–red! Oh, I was so unhappy when I noticed. Despite every stain removal trick I knew, short of straight bleach, there is an orange-ish shadow in one corner–right on a white spot. Good reminder not to be vain about my quilts and that they are intended for use anyway.


If you like the quilt, check out the TUTORIAL above–postage stamp variation quilts are a fun way to use up those little pieces too good to throw away.


If you happen to work on a Film at Five quilt, let me know.  Send pictures.  I love show and tell and will add you to the gallery of scrappy beauty.

14 thoughts on “Finished Film At Five

  1. I just love this quilt. The perfect way to use up your stash. I think the quilting is also perfect – was this done on a long-arm or on a seeing machine? I like to do my own quilting, so Iight have a go. As for removing the stain, have you tried Tide To Go? It’s miraculous – I keep it in my make-up bag so it’s always with me, and it never fails. Give it a try

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  2. When I was teaching school, red ink stains were a problem . . . until another teacher clued me in on hair spray. Yes, just regular hair spray — either aerosol or pump. Just saturate the area, give it a little hand scrub, and launder as usual. If it worked on our red ink, it may work on your chalk lines, too!

  3. so pretty…i am finishing up mine now…have the inner blocks all done and ready to put the outside on them…i am using also stash on hand and have brown for the background color..

    have you tried the Tide pen to get the red out?? it works great on mustard so thought it might work..

    very pretty finish on your quilt..i love these postage stamp quilts..

  4. I have just finished my 10 x 10/21/2″ to dec.what to do next..will I add borders,sashing, or just call it finished, and going to machine quilt it, a strip at a time…toooooooooo many seams to hand quilt…love the finish you added. I have used that border etc in others..and believe it or not, I don’t think I have 20 21/2″ squares used 2500 squares !!!

  5. Try rubbing it with pure soap….fels naphta or castile…or what ever you may find in the neighborhood. It must be SOAP…..not detergent bar soap. Works for me 98% of the time at getting out many, many different kinds of stains.

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