Twenty Small Stars Finished

It is a baby quilt spree around here, and I don’t know why.  No babies or grandbabies on the way in the family, but I keep wanting to make little quilts.  Maybe because I have less sewing time, and small quilts still allow me to feel like I am getting something done?


Whatever the reason, the Twenty Stars quilt that I started around the first of the year is finally finished. (Not a good picture.)


This weekend I was able to baste and quilt it on the faithful old Pfaff 130.


It was designed to go with the sample pack of squares that came to me from…somewhere.  This little quilt finished at about 32″ x 41″.


And, best of all, its DONE!

10 thoughts on “Twenty Small Stars Finished

  1. I love it, of course! You never know. There’s always a baby coming to someone. Just don’t get a reputation in the ward for giving every baby a quilt, or you won’t have a choice! =) I like the way you quilted it.

  2. i love it!!! the brightness of it…i really do want to make one of these one of these days…maybe not a baby quilt but a throw…great job and the quilting is perfect for it..

  3. Such a cheerful quilt. My mother and I were talking of making baby quilts just this past week. We decided that she should make at least a dozen of them to keep on hand for future great grand children. You never know when they could start arriving. I have one baby afghan finished, but quilts are so much more fun to create.

  4. Looks great! I love the back too, the blue and white (I think they’re flowers by they might be stars) really seems to go well with the stars on the front. And who knows, maybe you’re just sensing something in the future and a little one will be along before you know it to enjoy the quilt

  5. The star quilt is very sweet! Have you ever used the Pfaff 130 to free motion quilt? I used to use one in a souped up power stand years ago, and at the moment I have a Pfaff 130 on our kitchen table, because it occurred to me that this old work horse (!!!) might just be the answer to my difficulties with free motion quilting!

  6. I think that baby quilts are a good size, small enough to finish in a reasonable time if you’re a busy person, and big enough to use as a lap quilt. We also tend to use bright colourful and cheerful designs when we’re sewing a baby quilt. You could always call them lap quilts instead, would that make you feel better about making them?

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