Hello Out There

It is time to catch up with you all after an unusually silent week.  The school where I teach selected me to attend a national teaching conference in Baltimore, Maryland last week.  I left early Tuesday morning and returned, tired but full of ideas and excitement  late Saturday night.  It was hard to be away from my family for that long, but Baltimore is a beautiful historic city and the conference was well planned and relevant to what I do in the classroom.

One of my biggest “takeaways” (things you know you will remember forever) was the power of encouragement.  A presenter shared the results of a study where teachers graded and marked papers.  On some papers a generic note like “Please revise” was added.  Other papers, randomly selected, had a note that said, “I have marked your paper this way because I have high expectations of you and want you to succeed.”  The students who received the “high expectations” note were 86% more likely to revise to a higher grade than the control group.  Even one such encouraging note was enough to influence the student’s grade for an entire term.  WOW!

As you might guess, not a lot of sewing went on.  I did take my little cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter and some scraps.  In a few quite moments in the evenings, a little cutting and trimming did get done.  At least I didn’t go into complete fabric withdraw.  I couldn’t help but wonder where the good fabric stores were in Baltimore, but wouldn’t have had time anyway.  Very sad!

So, friends, I am back in town and ready to get back to the sewing machine.  As the month ended while I was away, I do have to post my 350 Block Project update.  For the month of February I finished 26 blocks.  I was hoping for 28 but didn’t quite make it.  None so far for March, but I have items ready to go thanks to all that cutting.

I am so far behind on answering e-mail that I may never catch up, but do know that I read all the notes and will try to do better at responding in the future.  Your comments mean a lot. Thank you for all you do to encourage me.

7 thoughts on “Hello Out There

  1. No need to catch up. I understand completely! I always loved the energy I had after a conference. That’s an interesting study, but something you already knew, without the percentages. =)

  2. Oh, Deanna – I sooo much agree about encouraging the kids. Even as a substitute teacher, I give the kids encouragement wherever it is applicable. In fact, I think we ALL need to be encouraged in everything we do, even if it is just by way of a smile or a nod of the head!! Glad you are home – I’ll bet your family is happy too!! 🙂

  3. good to see you are back…i missed you this week…i know you got a lot from the conference and came home rejuvenated!!! and now you are ready to go on sewing..a break always does that for me!!!

  4. Hi, this is not a comment, but a question. Do you have a tutorial for a 3 tier skirt for 10year old girl?
    Thanks, Ludmilla

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