A Ten Block Day

After nearly two weeks away from the sewing machine for one reason or another, it feels good to be back.

Saturday was busy with housework, paperwork and a trip (*gasp*) to Joann’s to actually spend MONEY for a dress remodel (more on that soon).  But, in between all that there was time to make 10 quilt blocks.


Eight of them are made out of the “waste triangles” from a shop sample I made about three years ago.  Just dug them out, trimmed them up (while in Baltimore two weeks ago) and started sewing.  I am not sure what I am making yet, but I have eight blocks and that is something, right?!


The other two are some of my leader-ender blocks that just sort of appeared while I was working on the other blocks.  

A very satisfying Saturday!  What are you doing this weekend?

10 thoughts on “A Ten Block Day

  1. How good was that? I bet it did feel good to get some sewing done.
    Me, I worked yesterday (Sat) and today I was to sew. Two little girls put paid to that. They came for a visit and wanted to stay. We went grocery shopping then did some baking. Lovely day spent with grandaughters.

  2. glad to see you got some sewing done..what a productive day…i have a couple of shoeboxes of “waste triangles” from projuects over the years and one of these days i am going to do something with them..

    this weekend i am finishing up some blocks for a friend that i cut for..she likes to embroider quilts and has me do her cutting and all the sewing for other blocks in the quilts..hope to finish this one up and have it ready for her to embroider..this is the 3rd of 4 she has brought me to do for her this winter..

    i do love those leader ender blocks and have some started from awhile back and hope to get to that project soon..this is the year of the finish–i hope..

  3. “…leader-ender blocks that just sort of appeared while I was working on other blocks”… that made me laugh! I talk about the idea of leaders and enders and sometimes people look at me like I have three heads – until I pull out one of my quilts that came from 2 patches that became 4 patches, and before you know it you have a quilt! I’m going to Quiltmaker’s Block Party in Portland, Oregon this month and actually taking 2 classes from Bonnie Hunter herself and I’m so looking forward to it.

  4. It is on the rainy side today, but I have a queen size quilt on my long arm. Trying to get it done for a upcomming Quilt Show, here in NW Arkansas. Hope I can make the dead line.

  5. I just finished making 56 of those leader/ender blocks. They were leaders and Enders for a while, then I got impatient and spent 2 days just making those. Great way to use up a bunch of my 1.5″ squares.

  6. Are all eight blocks like the one on top, just different colors? I like the pattern. Whatever it turns into, it will be great. I’m so glad you got to sew! I posted a couple of posts about the apqs road show I went to in Charlotte. Yesterday was crazy quilting afternoon after a RS stake meeting for presidencies. THAT was great. It was on unity among the sisters.

  7. totally in love with your leader ender blocks. think i might just have to “steal” them……i have moved and it has been about 2 weeks for no sewing for me as well. i got to start this morning on 3 blocks and had a wonderful time picking fabrics, cutting and stitching and pressing. it felt like i came home.

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