Weekend Sewing Report

It was a wonderful weekend here–some yard work, some house work, some errand running, some family time, and, between it all, enough sewing time that I have something to share.


Those half-square triangle blocks have acquired a few friends (all the rest of the HSTs are used up) and a tentative setting.  The problem is the whole thing is an odd size.  It doesn’t look like a baby quilt, but is too small for a lap quilt…suggestions?


Then, I wanted to start something new.  Oddly, the backing fabric, those trains, jumped out at me.  And, I went for the 2-1/2″ squares bucket.


By tonight, Sunday, I had nine blocks, the heart of this new project.

Hopefully it will be a good sewing week and I will have more to share soon.  I hope your weekend, and National Quilting Day, if you celebrated, went well.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Sewing Report

  1. I celebrated Saturday … by going on the Ward temple trip to Nashville! =) But I did sew some Friday and there are more days this week. I love your little pinwheels. How fun to start with the backing and get your ideas and colors going from that. How many borders would it take to turn those blocks into a throw size? Could you do a plain border, squares border, plain border?

  2. I would call the HST quilt “A Quilt for a Sophisticated Baby.” Babies like to look at sharp contrasts, and it has that feature. And at guild people often show some great baby quilts that do not look like traditional baby quilts quite.

  3. How about an inner border of strips and cornerstones to match the sashing. An outer border could be a strip of HSTs in different settings on each side.

  4. i love the quilt and a couple of borders would make it a beautiful throw size…how about a border of the flying geese using the colors left from the main squares—there must be some pieces left— with an outer border to match the backing—whatever that may be…i love it the way it is..make a beautiful wall hanging just like that… my favorite pattern is half squares in any form and i love the pin wheel quilt …make a darling baby quilt with the train backing…

  5. Add 3 borders. 1″ 2″ and a 3″ Then it will be big enough for a baby quilt. Baby quilts don’t have to cover the whole crib. Especially a newborn. In my life I have made over 100 baby quilts. Not all crib size. Signed old girl from Maine

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