That Came Together Quickly

Those 9 pinwheel blocks from the weekend became a top tonight!


I was surprised how quickly it came together.  It really helps to have the tub of cut scrap just waiting to be pressed into service.

No, I didn’t design this top, but I wish I had.  It has all the qualities I try for in a quilt–simple, scrappy, clever, visually appealing.  The credit for this lovely goes to Michelle.  You can find the directions, and pictures of some of her charming creations, HERE.

Yes, just another baby quilt, which seems to be my pattern lately.  This one has a home with a fellow teacher and his wife who are having a baby late May.

We need more babies in this world.  They are the perfect way to start people and the hope of the future.  Our greatest natural resource on this planet is a human mind.  And, besides that, babies are uncritical and accepting recipients of quilts!

ps–Direct link, should you desire:

16 thoughts on “That Came Together Quickly

  1. I’m making this quilt as my first quilt ever (it’s coming along nicely!) and have a question for you. The picture is not large enough to see what design you used to “quilt” it to the batting and back. Did you stitch in the ditch along the blocks instead of making swirls everywhere? Oh, and how did you decide what color thread to use with so many contrasting colors?
    I’d be very grateful for your input! Thanks.

    1. If you go to this post

      you will see a picture of the finished quilt. I just stitched diagonally across the quilt in the corners of the pinwheels. It turned out really well, or at least I liked it.

      As far as thread color, I just use my best judgment. On this particular quilt, I matched the background (off white) fabric.

      This is a great first quilt choice. Please share a picture when you are finished.

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